Bozeman Breaker is back! After many months off… the card itch came back. After seeing so many great breaks and incredible cards being pulled during my hiatus, I felt it was a shame that no one was documenting the cards!

I promise, Bozeman Breaker is here to stay.

If you missed this blog the first time around, what I do here is simple. I carouse around all of our favorite collecting forums on the internet throughout each week and showcase some of the best pack pulled cards from real collectors. I’m hoping that this blog will serve as an eventual archive of great cards.

As a disclaimer, all card  images are cropped for posting on the blog. If you see an image of yours posted that you do not want posted/modified, please email me and I will delete the post immediately. I have never run into a problem with this as most collectors love to share their pulls with the card community!

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